5 Ways Husbands Tend To Annoy You Postpartum

5 Ways Husbands Tend To Annoy You Postpartum

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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You’ve just created a miracle called ‘life’ with your husband and you imagine this is how it’s always going to be – you and your husband adoringly looking at your child, forgetting all the troubles in the world. Suddenly, reality hits you.

Postpartum depression is a real thing and anger is a major part of it. A lot of moms have complain that every little thing their husbands did during the first few weeks after giving birth to their child annoyed them. If we’re being honest, your hormones are partly to blame.

Here are a few ways husbands tend to annoy new mothers.

1. Stop asking me everything. I’m new at it too!

No matter how many parental guidance books your husband has gone over, he is probably behind you every time he has to deal with your child. He’s nervous and worried he might hurt the baby and would rather you tell him every little thing to do or you do them yourself.

2. Why is he always late?

Is it too much to ask your husband to come home in time? It’s impossible to manage everything on your own and when your husband is out with his buddies, rather than by your side, it’s frustrating.

3. Why don’t you change the diaper for once?

Why do you have to be the one that does everything? You probably wake up every night tending to your crying baby and yawning all day because of the lack of sleep. Is it that hard for him to share a few of your responsibilities? “You do the dishes and I’ll do the laundry.” Sounds perfect, right?

4. I’m overreacting?

Mood swings are as frequent as your baby’s diaper change when you’re a new mom. So, you lashed out at him for asking you to do the laundry while you were tending to your baby. It’s only reasonable, right? You might find that you’re sensitive to things you didn’t even notice before.

5. I still want to feel loved

After giving birth to a baby and having your body undergo tremendous changes, it’s only natural that you might feel a little insecure. And with every day that goes by without your husband telling how much he appreciates you, it only worsens. In the end, all you want is for him to hold your hand and tell you that he’s always there for you.

It’s important to know that no matter how annoying your husband’s habits are, while you are thinking about his loud chewing and how shrill his voice gets, he’s probably thinking ‘Why am I not able to get anything right?’ , ‘Am I a bad dad?’ , ‘Is she not happy?’. So cut him some slack and try communicating with him about things that bother you. They might be insignificant, but it’ll help take a great load off of your mind.