5 Ways Mothers Embarrass Their Kids Xyz

5 Ways Mothers Embarrass Their Kids Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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As kids grow older, they start forming notions in their heads about what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s cool, what’s uncool, and all these are shaped mostly by their peers. At the age of 6 and onwards, kids even start feeling embarrassed by some of the things their parents do when they are around friends.

Of course, making the kid feel embarrassed may even be a strategy adopted by a few parents as payback for all the trouble the child has caused the parents. Kids go red in the face when their parents do even the silliest of things to the most serious.

Here are some hilarious things that mothers do that embarrass their kids.

1. Public Display Of Affection

Most kids would rate this as the top source of embarrassment. When your kid is around her/his friends, and you decide to show your affection for your kid by giving them a sloppy kiss or by hugging them tight, most kids go red in the face. Add a nickname to the PDA, and your child might just stop talking to your for a week.

2. Childhood Photos

When your child gets his/her friends home, they’re usually looking to have a good time. And when you try to get closer to the kid’s friends by bringing out your child’s old photos, good luck with the tomato face your child is going to have.

3. Bragging About Them

Parents love to brag. Be it in front of a school teacher or a friend or a family member or even a random person on the streets, parents usually launch into a full-blown biography of achievements when someone asks how their kid is doing. And 99% of the time, your kid is probably whispering “Mom, stop!”

4. Trying To Be Cool

It’s okay for you as a mom to try and copy how your child speaks – the lingo, slangs and catchphrases. But when you try and use it in conversation with your child and his/her friends, your child’s friends may like it and even find it hilarious, but what about your child? S/he might just turn into a Little Red-faced Riding Hood!

5. Reveal Childhood Shenanigans

If you thought bragging about your kids was the only thing that would embarrass them in front of their friends, then recounting your kids’ stories when they could barely walk and made weird noises is even worse.











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