5 Ways Of Dealing With A Crush After Marriage Xyz

5 Ways Of Dealing With A Crush After Marriage Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Let’s start with stating the obvious. Everyone has a crush after marriage at one point or the other and obviously it’s not your own wife/husband. Getting attracted to someone who is not your partner is okay until you don’t actually cheat on them. Just because you have an infatuation for someone doesn’t mean you are cheating on your partner and these temporary crushes will go away. But since we know how scary and tense these things can become, here are some ways to deal with a crush after marriage.

1. Don’t ever cross the line

The first thing that should be completely embedded in your mind is that under no circumstances should you ever cross the line into cheating. Basically, if you can’t tell your husband or wife about it then you shouldn’t do it. Follow this simple rule and we are sure it will be just fine.

2. It will pass eventually

Having a crush is not always something to be taken completely seriously. Sometimes, these feelings are more of infatuations than something else and infatuations pass in due time. All you need to do is not dwell on the person much and focus more on your happy married life.

3. It may or may not be okay to keep it a secret

This is a tricky situation and depends completely on the type of person your partner is. If you think the crush feeling is not serious and your partner is somewhat of a doubting person then it’s probably a good idea to not tell them about it. But if you think the crush thing is turning serious then you should definitely tell them about it so that your husband/wife can help you.

4. Talk about it

Sometimes you get a crush on someone because you are not happy with your own husband/wife and that can be something which will get worse with the addition of this third person. Thus, if something like this happens maybe you should talk to your partner about it or try to spend more time with your family. Talking to your partner will help them understand your perspective and maybe you both will get even closer.

5. Learn things from your crush

Being attracted to someone doesn’t always mean that it is sexual or completely emotional. Sometimes you get attracted to someone’s personality or just their intellect or even the knowledge they have. So instead of freaking out about the fact that you are falling for someone maybe you can actually learn a thing or two from them and apply it in your own life.

Having a crush is normal but what is more important is that you should know where that relationship is going and how you will stay faithful to your partner no matter what. And if there is any problem of any sort then the best thing to do is to talk to them so that both of you are on the same page.











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