5 Ways To Ensure Your Child Is Not A Picky Eater 4 6 Years Xyz

5 Ways To Ensure Your Child Is Not A Picky Eater 4 6 Years Xyz

27 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Does your kid refuse to eat everything on his/her plate? Are you worried about him/her not getting enough nutrition through his/her food?

Here are 5 ways you can manage your child’s pickiness when it comes to food.

1. Establish a schedule

Set a mealtime schedule and make sure to stick to it everyday. Children do well with routines, so when you sit down as a family everyday at the same time, your child will be expecting it. Make sure not to let him/her snack before mealtime, as this reduces his/her appetite. Also, don’t let your child eat alone. Children generally eat better in the company of others and you can also keep an eye on what s/he’s eating.

2. Don’t give up on new foods

Children usually reject new foods at first glance not because they don’t like the taste, but because they’re scared of anything they don’t know about. They might spit it out trhe food after a bite or not even touch it, but keep offering them the food everyday. Eventually, they’ll get curious and try them. If they do not like the food at all, do not force it on them and move on to a different food.

3. No shortage of food

Let there always be food around the house. The more your child sees food, the more they’ll be inclined to eat it. Offering different choices when it comes to something like fruits is also a very good idea to make sure he/she eats at least a few of them, if not all.

4. Make it fun

Your child might be fussy during dinner because /heshe doesn’t like the plain old style of plating. Get creative with his/her food. Try to make the plate look colorful and attractive. If s/he’s into a certain thing, say superheroes, then buy him/her plates and cups with images of superheroes and this will get him/her more excited about food.

5. Don’t rush them

Often, in a hurry to get your child to eat everything, you might rush him/her. This has the opposite effect to what you desire. Your child will not enjoy his/her meal and will leave the food he/she wanted to eat in the first place. Also, do not force feed or bribe him/her into eating a certain food. Just because your kid didn’t finish the food on his/her plate doesn’t mean s/he has lost his/her appetite. Let your child make his/her own choices and learn on his/her own.











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