5 Ways To Help Your Kid Overcome The Fear Of Needles

5 Ways To Help Your Kid Overcome The Fear Of Needles

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Have you experienced riots at the Doctor’s clinic? This happens quite often when it’s time for a kid’s injection. Have you actually considered the fact that your kid might have trypanophobia?The fear of needles which is quite common among children of age 2 to 10. Most kids outgrow this fear but for some it stays for life. Try helping them:

1. Distract them

This is a classic one. Doctors and nurses make sure to ask questions on regular topics to focus the kid’s attention elsewhere and away from the needle. If your kid is smart, chances are, he’ll see right through it. Distraction can also be in passive form where the child does not have to be directly involved. Playing a cartoon or movie in front of them draws their attention better than any QnA round.

2. Reason with them and get them to relax

Kids of about 5 years old understand and accept things if given proper reasoning. Try to get your kid to relax and tell them why they have to face the needle and what the consequences might be if they refused to co-operate. While doing so make sure that you give subtle reasoning instead of outright scaring the kid even more.

3. Stay close to them

If you’re kid is getting an injection and is obviously scared of needles, make sure that at least one parent or at least someone they know is close to them while facing the needle. This has a soothing effect on the child’s psychology as they feel protected and safe. The kid knows that if something goes wrong, you’re right there to calm them down.

4. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercise can help your kids to relax and overcome anxiety. These help them calm down both mentally and physically. Sometimes fear of needles arises from a bad childhood experience; in such cases make efforts to consult psychologists to help your child overcome the fear of needles.

5. Anesthesia or Anxiety Medication

Anesthesia or anxiety medications are to be given only as last resorts if everything else fails. Using numbing cream or pills can alleviate some of the pain and discomfort of having an injection. This may in turn help reduce future anxiety response to needles.

So follow these to help your kids overcome the fear of needles. Be understanding and patient with them. You’ll be rewarded with a cooperative child!











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