5 Ways To Increase Your Chance Of Having Twin Babies Xyz

5 Ways To Increase Your Chance Of Having Twin Babies Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Children are the stars of our life. They are the cutest being on earth and obviously, we all love them. In India, a lot of myths and superstitions are prevalent and some of these superstitions also relate to twin births. Twins are seen as harbingers of wealth, prosperity, growth and happiness in the family. So it is only obvious that every person would try to increase their chances of having twins. We understand your desires and thus we bring to you a list of ways you can use to increase your chances of having a baby.

1. Check Family Background

Our genes play a very important and crucial role in our life. They decide what colour our eyes will be and they also decide if we can have twins or not. So it’s probably a better idea to check your family history both sides if there have ever been any twins and how far back it is. Not having any twins in the family doesn’t diminish all hopes but it does make it a bit difficult.

2. The better you eat the better the odds

Eating better food, be it fruits, dry fruits or good quality food items actually makes a big difference and makes you more fertile. And with increased fertility, there are more chances of conceiving twins.

3. Supplement intake

Folic acids are essential for a woman’s fertility and help improve it. Thus, taking outside supplements rich with folic acid nutrients will help improve your fertility and thereby increase your chances of having twins. As the fertility is increased, the chances of the sperm fertilizing the eggs increases and twins are born when two eggs are fertilized.

4. Dairy products consumption

In order to improve fertility and the chances of having twins, it is important that the fertility levels are high. Thus, in order to improve fertility, you should have various dairy products. The nutrients present in these dairy products improve the hormones and thereby help conceive better.

5. Consuming root crops

Root crops are the food items which grow under the ground instead of high above in the sky. These crops include foods like potatoes and yam which are filled with nutrients that help improve fertility. These nutrients will eventually help improve the chances of having twins for you.











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