5 Ways To Make Parenting Simpler

5 Ways To Make Parenting Simpler

25 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Aren’t babies so cute and adorable? Whenever I tell my frustrated friend that her baby is so cute and what could possibly tire her out, she always tells me “have one of your own and then we will talk”. I don’t know what it is like to be a mother yet, but seeing those worn out faces of my friends and cousins with babies has provoked me to write this article.

Being a mom isn’t all fun and games and so, we take you through 5 tedious things about parenting and make them simpler for you.

Mother and Baby


1. Being Overprotective:

It’s easier to just keep your baby tied up to your body than facing consequences of an injured baby later on, isn’t it? Well, that’s not how it works.

You must allow your baby to explore and experience the environment; the baby should be allowed to face the consequences of its actions, that’s the best way to learn and grown.

Growing up, haven’t we all learned through trial and error? Then why keep our children so protected? We are not always going to be around. Yes, it hurts to see your baby in pain but you’ve got to stay strong.

2. Dealing with social situations

So, you’re in this social gathering with your baby and your baby just starts throwing tantrums or doing things that are not ‘socially acceptable. At such times you’d wish your baby would just know how to behave in public and not embarrass you.

It takes a lot of effort and huge amounts of love to make your baby obedient. Babies obviously do not know any social conduct protocols; they think their actions are innocent.

They will poop and pee whenever and wherever they feel like, and for this you’ll have to train them and that usually happens after the age of 2.

The best would be to start off at a very tender age, that’s just when they start to understand a few things you say. Ensure you are constantly teaching them manners but don’t come across as overbearing.

3. Feeding challenges

It’s every mother’s dream that the baby lets you know when it’s hungry. Your baby is bawling away and you can’t figure out the problem. You’ve tried breastfeeding, formula feeding, and breastfeeding again but the baby won’t stop. Don’t you wish your baby just takes care of itself and you just get some sleep?

Breastfeeding is a challenge but only initially. Once the baby learns how to suck, it gets simpler. Also if your find your baby crying even after you’ve tried feeding it, then hunger isn’t the problem. It could be a stomach ache or sleepiness.

Try different ways of soothing the baby.

4. Finding some me time

Yes, you can bid that goodbye. As clichéd as it sounds, you will not have time for yourself when you have a baby. The kid takes up most of your time and whatever remains you will have to get some sleep in it.

A baby is definitely high maintenance and there’s no simpler way to deal with it. Here are a couple of things you can do to rejuvenate yourself at such times. When you baby sleeps you can resort to the following ways to soothe yourself — a warm water soak in the tub with some good music and your favorite book, a full body massage, spending some time with your husband, etc.

5. Being a good enough parent

And finally, after everything you do and have done, this question will haunt you. Are you good enough parent?

What is a good enough parent? You can’t always protect your child from bad and always be there to supervise what they do.

Just remember whatever you do now until the time they grow up to be independent, will shape them as individuals. Don’t be too hard on yourself as long as your conscience is clear and you are convinced you’re doing a great job.

Mother kissing baby


Especially for the first time moms, parenting is always a trial and error method. There’s nothing like right and wrong, it’s all about perspective.

As a mom, you’re most likely to pass on your learnings from childhood and you’ll clearly know what to head with and what to leave out.

Being a mom is a full-time job, but trust us it pays off really well when you get to see your little baby evolve into a wonderful individual. That satisfaction becomes your reward!











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