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5 Ways To Make Your Kid Environment Conscious Xyz

5 Ways To Make Your Kid Environment Conscious Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Global warming is on the rise (no matter how much Donald Trump denies it). Wondering what global warming has to do with a website that focuses on mothers and babies? Well, we’ve found some evidence, which says that raising your kids to be environmentally conscious will actually be a huge step forward in curbing the increasingly fatal effects of global warming, that is, raising your kids to be better citizens of the planet.

Read on to know how you can teach your child to be more conscious about her/his environment.

1. Lead By Example

We can’t stress enough about the importance of show versus tell, especially among kids. Instead of just telling your kids what to do, show them how it is done. Kids love to imitate in order to feel grown up. So, just do that – turn off the tap when you’re brushing, switch off all the lights when you aren’t using them, turn off the engine when stationary. All these will show your kids that you don’t just preach, but you also follow.

2. Engage With Nature

It is understood that you protect something better when you care deeply about it. Expose your kids to the variety of natural environments that s/he can engage with. Take your child to the park, on treks and rock climbing in mountains, rafting in the rivers, go to beaches, explore chilly hill stations and visit national parks. Get your child interested in nature, and they will automatically be concerned about it as soon as they are old enough. Time to visit that park you’ve always wanted to, but never did!

3. Make Them Understand The Importance Of Saving

While it is important to lead by example, you must also help them experience the need to sustain and conserve energy. For example, you can observe an electricity-free day, or give them only a stipulated amount of water to use for the day. Once they realize the importance of the resources, they’ll realize automatically the need to conserve them.

4. Segregate Waste and Compost

These two are things that can be done right at home. When you segregate, you are saving planet earth from the trouble of doing it by itself. Also, it is much easier to compost when you segregate your waste. Make them aware of the chain – segregate, compost, grow your own food. This helps children learn the difference between biodegradable and recyclable waste, and the importance of not wasting food, considering they can see how hard it is to grow it.

5. Gardening

Not just a great way to engage your kid with nature, but also to teach them the importance of patience and diligence. The effort that needs to be put in in order to plant a seed, help it grow and nurture, and finally watch it blossom into a fully-grown plant will instill in the child a sense of pride while also helping her/him understand the importance of co-existence and nature.











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