5 Ways To Preserve Food Longer Xyz

5 Ways To Preserve Food Longer Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Always having to cook fresh food can sometimes be a pain in the ass, and when food that we’re saving for later goes bad, there’s nothing that can frustrate us more. You must surely be tired of having your fresh strawberries and bananas go bad. Here are 5 ways in which you can make your food last longer –

1. As soon as you buy your vegetables, cook them

Chef and food writer Tamar Adler suggests the idea of cooking your veggies just as soon as your buy them in order to keep your veggies for longer and prevent wasting of food. It is better to keep your food cooked and refrigerated beforehand, rather than keep the vegetables out in the open. The pre-cooked food can be warmed when it needs to be used, and dressed with a salad, or made into a veggie curry at the end of a week.

2. Revive your greens with ice water

If you feel like your greens are wilted and need to be revived, they can be revived with ice water. Through osmosis, the ice water rejuvenates the plants and makes them look fresh again.

3. Freeze flour for a few days to kill bugs

When you’re done purchasing your flour from the store, store the flour bag in the freezer for several days to kill weevils and insect eggs. Super heating or cooling will kill these pests easily. Ensure that you wrap your flour well or just pack it in a freezer bag to prevent it from picking up food odors.

4. Pack your leftovers in jars

Using wide-mouthed glass jars can be a smart, inexpensive and easy way to store food in your refrigerators. They have many desirable properties – they’re airtight, leak-proof and safe for reheating in the microwave. Since they’re see-through, you’ll know exactly what’s inside and how much you have left.

5. If you need only a little lemon juice, puncture!

If it’s only a few drops of lemon juice that you need, then you can just puncture a hole through the lemon’s skin with a fork and squeeze out the amount you need. If you cut them in half, they’ll only fry up faster.











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