5 Ways To Stay Sane As A New Mum Xyz

5 Ways To Stay Sane As A New Mum Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Being a new mum can be stressful on so many levels. It does feel wonderful to have created a new human, but the amount of time and energy you have to spend on your little human can drain you emotionally and mentally.

So, how do you keep your sanity during these first few months?

Have no clue, huh? Here are a couple of ideas you could use.

1. Bond with new mums

Looking after a newborn doesn’t leave you much time to socialize. Even when you do try to socialize, not everyone wants to talk about diapers and pacifiers. Join a class with your baby – a yoga class for moms perhaps. You can carry your baby along and have them sit near you, while you stretch your muscles and relieve all that stress.

Also, while you’re at it, you can start making new friends at the class. Invite them home with their babies so your baby would have new friends too. Talking to someone about it all helps in keeping your sanity.

2. Take a shower

There’s nothing like a nice long shower to make you feel all tingly and fresh. Allow yourself to take a thorough shower every once in a while, as taking a warm shower can help ease your body pain. Keep your baby inside the bathroom and within your sight as you shower. This way, you can take your time to scrub away your baby’s spit up and feel completely clean.

3. Walk it off

Head out for a walk in the morning every day. You can tag your baby along too by putting him/her in a stroller. Walk around for at least 30 minutes and get some fresh air in your lungs. You can even pull a couple of stretches while you are at it. A walk in the morning can really help alleviate stress and keep you feeling happy and relaxed throughout the day.

What’s better is that you can even walk with your new mom friends.

4. Cut yourself some slack

So you forgot to keep an alarm in the morning and missed your morning walk. Or you slept in because you were really tired. You unknowingly locked your husband in the bathroom or you put chapatis in the freezer and ice cream in the microwave. It is okay. We all make mistakes. We are only human after all.

Repeat this to yourself in the mirror a couple of times every day: “I am only human and I am doing the best I can. It’s okay if I slept in today. I am still doing a great job being a mum”.

5. Get some me-time

At least thrice every week, make it a point to have some time to yourself. No baby, no husband, just you. Ask your partner or a babysitter to look after your baby. Now, do whatever it is you wish to do. Watch a movie with some friends, meet them over brunch, go shopping or simply laze around in the comfort of your home. Do anything except worry about your responsibilities for a while. Once you get back, you should have enough patience and energy to do everything else.

Hopefully you will use these ideas to your benefit and get yourself some much-needed peace of mind. If you found this article helpful, share this with all the mothers you know.

Keep smiling and take care!