5 Ways To Steer Clear Of Back Problems During Pregnancy

5 Ways To Steer Clear Of Back Problems During Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Back aches and problems are highly common during pregnancy and they arise due to different reasons. Some of these are hormonal, while others are due to the physical changes you experience in the body. Stress is also said to be one of the reasons for back problems.

Let us look into these causes in more detail below.

1. One common reason for back problems is due to the sudden release of the hormone called relaxin, which disturbs the alignment of your back by loosening the ligaments around the area.

2. Pregnancy is also known to disturb the placement of the rectus abdominis muscles or what you know popularly as “abs”. This is because of uterus expansion, which puts pressure on your back, causing back pain.

3. Sleep deprivation is another major cause of back problems during pregnancy. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position causes severe back problems.

We understand how terrible a back pain is and the amount of discomfort it causes. Hence, we give you 5 ways you can avoid back problems during pregnancy.

1. Avoid wearing heels

Your body posture is extremely important at this stage. Hence, make sure you avoid causing discomfort to it by avoiding wearing heels. Wear sneakers or flats as much as possible.

2. Prenatal yoga

Yoga is beneficial for one many reasons. This ancient sport has been the answer to almost every anatomical problem and back problems are no exceptions here. It helps you maintain the right body posture and is also helpful in curbing hormonal disturbances.

3. Squats

Do not take up tasks that require you to bend. We suggest you don’t lift heavy objects at all and even if you do, use the squat method to pick it up instead of bending. Squatting helps you avoid putting pressure on your spinal alignment and hence, spares your back from working too much.

4. Change in the sleep position

You might face back aches in case you sleep on your back the whole night. The change in your body weight affects the pressure you put on your back. Hence, it’s advisable to sleep on your side as much as possible. Tried and tested for generations, it helps your back rest while you’re asleep. We suggest change your sleep pattern from tonight itself and see the difference.

5. Apply ice pack

In case the backache is severe, we suggest you wrap a few ice cubes in a towel and ask your partner to rub this on your back to soothe the pain. We guarantee you the pain will reduce in no time.