5 Ways To Treat Sore Cracked Or Bleeding Nipples

5 Ways To Treat Sore Cracked Or Bleeding Nipples

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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It is very common to have sore, cracked or even bleeding nipples while you breastfeed your baby. This could be due to the ways your baby latches on to your breasts or because your baby has problems such as a yeast infection in his/her mouth.

Your nipples aren’t used to someone latching on to them even though they’ve been prepared for it by your body ever since you started lactating in your third trimester. Therefore, the process of breastfeeding has to be done right, especially if you’ve just begun.

Scroll down to read 5 ways to treat sore, cracked and bleeding nipples while you breastfeed your child.

1. Reposition your baby for a better latch

You need to ensure your baby has proper access to your nipples. Position your baby in a manner that enables him/her to reach your breast. Keep a pillow on your lap and place your baby on it. Get his/her mouth to open wide and push your nipples till your areolas are in his/her mouth. This will give your baby better reach to their food and they will not have to hurt your nipples while breastfeeding.

2. Use your breastmilk as a medicine

Your breast milk has antibacterial properties and can cure sore nipples. Just pump a few droplets and apply on the affected area until dry. This will soothe your nipples and help you feel a lot better.

3. Ensure your baby’s not tongue tied

Sometimes, babies face problems positioning their mouth and may not be able to move their tongue to the roof of the mouth for proper latching. We suggest you check for it and get it treated by a doctor.

4. Use nipple shells

If you happen to have an extreme case of sore and cracked nipples, buy yourselves a pair of nipple shells to protect your breasts from friction against your bra or clothes. It is important to keep them protected.

5. Feed your baby at regular intervals

Your baby might get aggressive if you aren’t feeding him/her on time, especially when they are starving. It is because, as they grow, their appetite changes and sometimes, you aren’t able to understand that change. Hence, have to deal with their aggression.

We suggest you to start feeding them more often as soon as you experience aggression from your baby’s side. You can also switch to bottles once in a while to relax your breasts. That will provide your breasts with ample amount of time to heal.

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