How To Introduce Solid Foods To Your Baby

How To Introduce Solid Foods To Your Baby

As a first-time mom, there’s are a lot of confusion and queries especially when you have to start feeding your baby some solid foods. Here are a few tips that will help you proceed and will let you know if your baby is ready or not.


1. Always follow the 3-day rule. Never introduce two new things in a single day. Always give one  new food for 3 days in continuation to see if there is an allergic reaction or any discomfort caused because of that particular food.

2. Avoid giving food in combination if introducing any new food for the first time.

3. Always try a new food in the first half of the morning so that if there is an allergic reaction you can rush to the doctor.

4. Do check for the family history of allergies

5. Always ensure that during the preparation of food, the nutrients don't get lost. It's always better to steam than boil.

6. If your baby is not willing to take any food don't force feed. Try that particular food in some other form or mixing it in porridges but after a few days.

7. Try giving different textured food as every child has his/her own preferences.


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