Everything You Need To Know About Probiotics

Everything You Need To Know About Probiotics

The human body is a storehouse of bacteria's both good and bad and the matter of the fact is that most of the bacteria's residing in the human body are harmless. Moreover, you will be surprised to discover that having the right bacteria's in the human body is linked to numerous health benefits which include a better immune system and improved digestion apart from preventing the human body from various diseases. Ever heard about term 'Probiotics”?. Probiotics are foods or supplements having good or friendly bacteria's regulating your gut health. Scientifically Probiotics are living microorganisms leading to health benefits.


The Importance of Probiotics: There are hundreds or thousands of  microorganisms in the human body like yeast, fungi, and bacteria (majority ) and the community of all such microorganisms is termed as gut flora. The gut flora exists in the colon or large intestine which performs various important functions in the human body like manufacturing vitamins, Converting fibers to fats and feeding the gut wall.

Hence it's important to have an optimally balanced gut flora which otherwise can lead to various diseases.


How does Probiotics help the human body: Probiotics foods or supplements helps to maintain the balance of gut flora (the balance between good and bad bacteria) thereby saving human body from various diseases apart from providing health benefits like regulating a healthy gut, enhanced immune system. The consumption of Probiotics is mostly linked to digestive health and has been proven effective in reducing diarrhea, anxiety, depression and so on.


How to consume Probiotics: You can get Probiotics from foods prepared by bacterial fermentation like Curd, Yogurt or probiotic supplements as well. If you are planning to take probiotic supplements, choosing the right kind of probiotics supplements is the key. Always consult your doctor before taking Probiotic supplements.


Are there any side effects?: The studies have shown that some people might face gas, bloating issues after consuming probiotic supplements for the first few days but once your body adapts to it, such side effects subside as well.


What to expect: While consumption of Probiotics has been proven effective in maintaining gut health but do not underestimate the lifestyle changes which goes a long way in maintaining  the gut health.


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