How To Teach Your Kid Some Table Manners

We all should try to inculcate good table manners or eating etiquettes in our kids right from the toddler stage. They might not understand each and everything initially but slowly and steadily using these etiquettes will become a part of their eating schedule. Here are a few things we can start with:


1. Ask your kids to always wash their hands before eating and after finishing their meal.

2. Encourage them to take smaller bites when eating and to chew the food properly.

3. Teach them to never stuff the mouth with large chunks of food at one go.

4. Manners like saying Thank You when food is being served are a must.

5. Ask them to keep their chair in the right position (ie. tucked inside the table) after finishing the food.

Mentioned above are some very basic food etiquettes. As your kids grow up, you can gradually introduce full-fledged table manners in the curriculum.


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Can I expect my 1.5 years old daughters to not play with food while eating?


Hello..Playing with food is necessary for little ones to explore and get a safe feeling with the variety of food items .Let then play and explore but keep reminding them to eat and not throw instead

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