The Wonders Of Breastmilk

The Wonders Of Breastmilk

Breast milk also known as white gold or nectar is the best food for baby. It is recommended to give only breast milk to the baby until six months of age. Even water is avoided for six months as studies have proved that it is 70% of water and babies do not require water until exclusively breastfed.

We are all aware of the benefits of breast milk for our little munchkins.  To list a few:

  • It is a complete food for baby, packed with all required nutrients.
  • It is responsible for higher immunity.
  • IQ development of the baby.
  • Well, its benefits are not just limited to these. Other benefits that you can take  from this magic potion are:
  • Apply it on any kind of rash/cut on baby’s skin to heal it faster.
  • It is a great relief in mosquito bites.
  • A light scalp massage using breast milk calms down the baby and helps in sound sleep.
  • Massaging hands, legs or back with breast milk, strengthens the bones.
  • Mix a pinch of Nutmeg powder in breast milk and feed it to the baby. This is a helpful remedy during winters.
  • If in some case, medicines have to be given to the baby, then crushing the medicine and mixing it with breast milk is the best way to give dosage to the baby.


No wonder breast milk is considered best for babies.


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