Why Broccoli Is A Superfood

Why Broccoli Is A Superfood

Superfoods are rich in nutrients and loaded with tonnes of health benefits. Broccoli is easily one the healthiest vegetables because it's packed with various vitamins (A, C, and K) and is rich in antioxidants.


So how do you make your little one, who generally hates the sight of veggies, consume broccoli?. I was looking for different ways to feed broccoli to my kid because of its numerous health benefits but since it does not taste that great, my little one rejected it every time it was offered. As a next step, I started surfing the internet to see what different ways I can offer Broccoli to my kid so that it's consumed happily.


To my surprise, most of the broccoli dishes shared online required a  microwave oven and unfortunately,  I don't own one, and I am sure there are many out there who might be facing the same issue. That's where I experimented with broccoli while cooking regular meals at home. Check out the recipes to two of those dishes below:


Broccoli Rice or Khichdi:

Saute the broccoli florets in a saucepan or cooker along with garlic, onion, cumin seeds by adding ghee.

Add Moong daal n Rice in equal quantities along with water and salt..Close the lid and let it cook for few whistles and its ready to eat.

This one is a hit with my kid because she loves rice (I think most babies do too) and since broccoli gets completely dissolved in rice, there is no way your little one can identify the hidden veggies. You can add a generous amount of homemade curd over this khichdi to make it more tempting and healthy for your kid.


Broccoli Fritters:

Coat the broccoli florets in gram flour after adding the appropriate amount of coriander and salt in gram flour and shallow fry till its light golden brown.
Serve it with homemade coriander or mint chutney.


Note: It's advisable to consume fresh veggies within a day or two so avoid refrigeration for a long

Do try these recipes at home and let me know if it worked.


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