Post Pregnancy Fashion Tips - Part II

Post Pregnancy Fashion Tips - Part II

As promised I’m back with the final part of this 2 part series. I hope you got some good insights from my previous post. After the first post, I researched and experimented a little more with my wardrobe to make this segment all the more helpful.

A few more pointers for the lovely ladies.

Black / Dark colours - I’m an absolute digger for black. Not just now, but during my thinner days as well. The magic that it puts in to your look is unmatched. So, black and dark colours are your saviours for a long time post pregnancy.


Source: The Chic Series 


Go Boho - You may not be a fan of the Bohemian look (just like me) but, mommies it totally helps to hide those unwanted friends. A beautiful kimono over leggings and a chic top will be a pleasant distraction from your problem area. And yes, I bet you won’t feel like an ‘aunty’ as these are trending.


Source: pins-place


Flaunt your favourite assets - It’s the best time to focus on the other parts of your body and bring them to notice now. If you have pretty eyes, decorate them and make them your best feature. If you have beautiful, voluminous hair then style them. You will end up feeling confident and the focus shifts from your body for a change.


The Cinderella story - Nowadays the feminine look is back in trend too. Today’s stores have such a wide range of flowy dresses that you will be spoilt for choice. Take your pick on the length depending upon your problem areas and you are good to go for that much awaited date.


Once again accessorise - This by far is my most favourite tip (and I will never get tired of talking about it) because accessories do wonders to an outfit. The right shoes, a chunky neck piece / earrings lights up even the most dull outfit.


Big, wide belts - This is one wardrobe must have which works wonders in hiding that bulging mid section. Wear one with your tunic sweater or a crisp, white shirt over jeans or trouser.


Add an inch or two - Although you may feel like living in sneakers during those first few postpartum months, switch things up with similarly comfortable shoes that have just a little bit of a heel. You'll instantly look and feel longer and leggier. Block heels and wedges give a great lift and are quite sturdy. (Stability is important when you're toting around a new baby.) If sneakers are really the only thing you care to wear, try a pair with platform soles.


Good old Indian - if you are still sceptical about these options then you always have your kurtis or sarees. An Indian attire will never let you down or compromise on your curves. Infact, it will accentuate your beauty areas.

That’s all with this 2 part series. Do share your pictures on how you style yourselves and also do let us know if these tips helped you.


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