Steal Time For Self Care

Steal Time For Self Care

Hey fellow moms! I know life has been busy and 24 hours don’t feel enough to complete the chores of the day. In between taking care of baby and family, and learning new things about motherhood, there is very little or no time left for taking care of yourself.

Remember, that time and energy will always be scarce. But you will have  to steal time for self-care because honestly, no one else is going to do that for you.

Stay hydrated: We moms tend to forget to drink water while doing other things. Water is very important to maintain energy levels and even more important for breastfeeding moms to maintain the supply.

Avoid cell-phones: I suggest new moms to completely avoid phones (internet) for at least 45 days  after delivering the baby as it weakens the brain and eye nerves.

Skincare: This is ignored by a majority of moms. Keep a moisturizer, face cream, and a napkin near your bed. This way whenever you will sit on the bed, you will remember to wash your face and moisturize it. You can apply a face mask before bathing. This way you will not have to dedicate extra time.

Hair Care: Wash your hair at least twice a week. Apply oil and massage the scalp before washing your hair.

Walk/Exercise: Dedicate at least ten minutes to walking, light exercise or stretching. It keeps the body energized.

Postpartum depression is actually a thing - don’t ignore it. If you have any insecurity or are feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, don’t bottle up. Mental and emotional health is equally important as physical health.

Make YOU a priority and it’s okay to steal some time for taking care of yourself.


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