Why Skin-To-Skin Time Is Important

Why Skin-To-Skin Time Is Important

After the birth of my baby, (although it was vaginal birth) my body did not produce milk for three days. I tried medicines and all home remedies that were pouring in. I was totally unaware of the skin-to-skin time with the baby. When I came to know about it, it worked miraculously for me.

Skin-to-skin time is when the baby (wearing the only diaper)  snuggles on mom or dad's bare chest. Skin-to-skin is good for all babies, whether they are breastfeeding or formula feeding. Yes, dads too can give skin-to-skin. It has immediate benefits for both mom and baby.

It calms the baby as the baby can hear the heartbeat of the mother which creates a soothing effect for the baby.

It releases hormones that relieve stress in mothers and hence decreasing chances of postpartum depression.

It stabilizes the baby’s temperature, breathing rate, blood sugar, and heart rate.

Helps colostrums to flow easily, which is nutrient packed first milk for the baby.

It enhances breast milk supply.

It helps the baby to gain weight faster and works wonders with pre-term babies.

Creates a stronger emotional bond with mother and father.

You can ask your doctor beforehand to arrange skin to skin immediately after birth. It provides benefit for both mom and baby, that last for a lifetime.

There is no specific time duration or rules that bind you. You can do it for any time duration you are comfortable with.

Take care about the position of the baby. Make sure baby's head is turned to the side with his nose up in a sniffing position so he can breathe easily.

Wear a blanket while giving skin-to-skin so that you both are warm and cozy.

If you have missed the opportunity during birth as I had, just remember, it is never too late.



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