Recipe: Homemade Daliya

It’s wonderful that after becoming parents, how we get meticulous about everything that is related to our babies. Offering them healthy food is one of the major concerns. I try to make cereal at home instead of buying from the market.

One such DIY is Daliya. It is very easy to make and takes very less time. The steps to be followed are:


  • Take one bowl of wheat and wash it 2-3 times thoroughly.
  • Spread it on a clean napkin/ cloth and let it dry completely (do not sundry).
  • Take a pan and roast this dried wheat to light brown color. You can hear ticking sound.
  • Let it cool down.
  • Grind it into a fine powder.
  • You can sieve it if you want to.

The process of cooking it is:


  • Take some ghee in a pan and add 2 small spoons of daliya and roast it for a minute or two.
  • Add some water to it and let it boil. Stir continuously till the water gets absorbed.
  • It should come to a flowing consistency. Otherwise, lumps will form.
  • To this add little milk.
  • Switch off the gas once done.
  • If you want you can add a little sugar. I avoid using it.

Another way of making it is by adding veggies, daliya powder and water in a pressure cooker and cook it on the medium flame for 2 whistles.

This is a very fulfilling and nutritious meal for baby. The powder must be stored in an airtight container and remains fresh for at least a month.




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Comments (6)

Anisha Bhat

When can this be given to the baby? My baby will be 7 months in a week. Also, is ghee okay this soon?

Priyanka chhabria

Ghee is good fat.. you can give in limited amount, and for seven months this powder is okay to give. I started this when my baby was 6.5 months. You can give it 2-3 times in a week.

Anisha Bhat

Oh alright thanks! Any specific type of ghee you recommend?

Priyanka chhabria

It just has to be homemade:)

Sathya Kalaiselven

This is so well written.

jyothi raj

This is just in time

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