Coloring Activity For Your Toddler

Coloring Activity For Your Toddler

Things required are:


  • Sketch Pens
  • A bowl of water
  • Tissue paper
  • Dropper



I wrote all the words on tissue paper as per the color of the sketch pens as  shown in this pic. I started dropping 4-5 drops on each color name and it started spreading.
When you are introducing colors to your child it's not that u introduced them that this is a yellow color, this is red in color and it's done. Think of various ways where the color introduction is done in play way method. 



Certain tips:


  • Who's is wearing which color clothes at home.
  • Colors of your toys.
  • What all colors u can find in your living room.
  • Colors of cloth clips.
  • Games like color sorting and color finder (through blocks).
  • You can also tell them to bring all green color things in one place from your house. (Can be done with all colors)
  • Explain to them the importance of colors in our life.
  • Take them to a garden or places where they can find  more colors.

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