Michelle Obama Talks About Miscarriage, Marriage And More In Memoir

When you think of Michelle Obama, you think of a lady with poise, elegance and strength. No other First Lady of the United States probably came close to her popularity, as she managed to captivate hearts with her honest views and bright smile.


With her memoir titled, 'Becoming’, Michelle has opened up about her childhood, experiences in the White House as First Lady, her marriage to Barack Obama, miscarriage and more.


The memoir has several details about Michelle's life that we don't know about. Here are some of them:

Michelle Obama had a miscarriage and she spoke in an interview about how, “We sit in our own pain, thinking that somehow we're broken,” as miscarriages are usually not discussed.


Her daughters, Sasha and Malia were conceived through IVF as Michelle learnt that her body's egg production was limited.


She and her husband Barack Obama opted for marriage counseling and learnt how to talk out their differences. Michelle feels young couples who struggle should know that marriages need to be worked on.


It is warming to see Michelle open up about her personal life so candidly. When celebrity women open up about real issues, it encourages common women to speak up as well.


Several things about Michelle Obama’s life are worth knowing, as they give us an insight about the 44th First Lady's personality. Here are few more facts about Michelle:


  • Michelle Obama is a lawyer and a writer. She graduated from Harvard Law school
  • She used to practice the piano a lot while growing up
  • Her first impression of Barack Obama was not great
  • She works out 'like a gladiator’ according to her friends
  • She likes fruits, eggs and bacon for breakfast
  • While supporting her husband during his campaign for president, Michelle wrote her own speech and delivered it without notes



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