Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting

Parenting becomes exhausting, overwhelming and tiring especially when your growing baby enters a toddler phase as the brain is still developing, trying to figure out and explore the world on their own. We, as parents, desperately want a good control of things around them and are expected to showcase the highest level of patience and compassion to our toddlers but we are all human beings at the end and we do have breakdowns when things go out of control, without even thinking what impact it is going to leave on your toddlers brain and that's where mindful parenting comes into picture.


Mindful parenting is all about being mindful about our behavior as a parent Its all about responding  to your toddlers need and being compassionate towards their inappropriate behavior or tantrums (considering the age, growth spurt factors )instead of reacting and bombarding them with punishments to teach a lesson.


Here are the key factors for mindful parenting:


Notice your emotions:


Next time when you get angry just because  your toddler threw food away, take a moment to pause and notice your emotions (anger and frustration) before reacting towards your toddlers behavior and identify the underlying trigger factor of your emotions sometimes it can be lack of sleep or tiredness which makes you feel irritated on anything and everything and work towards a solution.


Learn to Pause and Respond:


Always remember your toddler's aim was never to irritate you in the first place rather toddlers are just being curious and want a good control of things around. So be compassionate towards your toddler and help them to come out of any inappropriate situation by responding to their needs and behavior calmly rather than reacting towards their behavior in the form of punishments to teach a lesson. This makes a big difference since you are teaching them this way how stressful situation should be dealt.


I know it is easier having said than done but don't forget that practice can make each one of us close to perfect too. We can look for ways to be mindful about our emotions as a parent by getting involved in cognitive therapies and help our kids to learn to regulate their emotions in stressful situations when they grow up to be an.


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