Embrace Your Post Pregnancy Weight Rather Than Criticising Yourself

Post pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes. One thing we need to understand is that everyone’s body will not undergo the same changes. Some moms get acne, some transition into the radiant skin. Someone’s hair gets shinier and longer, while some tend to lose hair.

One major issue I am facing is of weight gain. Most of the moms get back to their body they had before having baby, with only a little loose tummy area which gets maintained in a few weeks or say months. But there are moms like me who gain up to 10-20 kgs after delivering a baby.

Mine being normal delivery, I did not expect to put on so much. All my clothes are stacked up in my cupboard and I had to buy new ones according to the new fit. My size has gone up by two. I became very under confident and for the first time in my life I was going through inferiority complex. I didn’t want to step out of the house.

But one day I realized, whatever I m going through or thinking is so unlikely me. It’s okay to go through some change that is obviously reversible. I have been blessed with an angel, and instead of being happy about it, I am obsessing over a problem that has many solutions like walking, jogging, Zumba, yoga or joining a gym.

I am a little skeptical to start my weight loss journey as I am still not sure how will it affect my breast milk supply. But I am determined to start it soon. Until that time comes, its okay to be little chubby. Embrace your body. Don’t body shame yourself. Don’t let others opinions come in your way of accepting yourself. Because I firmly believe that, if you are not going to accept yourself and keep yourself happy, no one can and no one will.

Moreover what you are going through reflects on your baby in long run. So, don’t pass over any kind of negative vibes or any trait that is just temporary for you. That is why it is said, “happy mommy, happy baby”.


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Chubbiness will be only for few months mommies! Will enjoy that too😜

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