Babies & Fragrances Have A Special Connection

Babies & Fragrances Have A Special Connection

It is rightly said that with the birth of a baby, a mother is born too. Only when you become a mother yourself do you realize what it takes to raise a child. As first-time mothers, all of us are doing our best to find what is best for baby and I was no exception!

What I Learnt About Fragrance

I used to read a lot about early childhood development and that is when I came to know that exposing babies to gentle fragrances improves their mood and alertness as it directly connects with the part of the brain that handles emotions.

Did you know that the sense of smell works from day one in babies? In fact, a baby is able to smell even before it’s born and this is why a newborn knows the smell of its parents and this sense becomes stronger as they grow.

Studies Prove The Impact That Fragrance Has On Babies

A study conducted with babies showed that babies bathed with a scented bath product showed 30% higher engagement cues with their parents following a bath than babies bathed with unscented products.

Experts also say that the sense of smell plays an important role in brain development as the mind creates a strong association between particular scents and experiences and these are recorded in the brain as memory.

Fragrance also has the following impact on babies:

  • Babies enjoy familiar scents and it has a soothing effect on them.
  • Scents and fragrances leave a sharp impact on their brain development.



Mild Fragrance Make All The Difference

I couldn't agree more because I have noticed this first hand with my own child. In the initial days, I used to alternatively bathe my daughter with a homemade formulation on alternate days and Johnson & Johnson’s Top-To-Toe wash on others.

With time I noticed that on days that I used the homemade formulation (which had a peculiar fragrance), she was cranky and did not enjoy it as much as she loved the J&J wash which was mild and had a gentle fragrance. The experience was very different altogether - she enjoyed bathing and it was a task getting her to come out! I realized she was more cheerful and active and of course smells divine!

My Daughter Was & Is A Johnson’s Baby

This is exactly why Johnson’s and Johnson’s products are mild in nature and have a gentle fragrance which makes the whole bathing and after bathing experience fruitful. The gentle fragrance in their products instantly lifts up the mood and after using them one smells good the whole day. I clearly remember the days when I had at least one person ask me what I used on my baby every day because she smelt “sooo...good”. It was just a combination of a series of J&J products - Top-To-Toe washes while bathing and the Milk lotion after.


Why I Chose J&J & Recommend It

The list is long but here are a few noteworthy points. The primary reason is that all J&J products have a gentle fragrance. And the new J&J range is all the more gentle! They are free from dyes, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates and have 96% naturally derived ingredients. They meet the standards of several international agencies and have been tested by more than 5.5 lakh individuals globally and have passed 8000 clinical assessments.

I hope my experience and learning help you make the right decision for your little one’s skin care needs!



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