All About Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is one of the nightmares for moms. Skin becomes red and hard and sometimes even accompanied with small red marks. There are a few ways to avoid them, which include:

Apply rash cream every time before putting on the diaper.


  • After taking off the diaper, wipe the area gently with a clean napkin and let it air dry for a minute or two.
  • Apply coconut oil after taking off the diaper.
  • Try giving diaper free time as much you can give.
  • At least a gap of 10 minutes should be maintained between diaper changes.
  • Even if diaper has not reached its capacity and it has been more than 4 hours, take it off. Never ever reuse.

Even after taking precautions, a rash may appear. Few things I do are:


  • Avoid diaper the whole day. Use diaper only at nights and in an emergency if you have to take the baby out.
  • Alternate between diaper rash cream and coconut oil, in regular intervals, to soothe the rash.
  • Always carry an extra diaper and wet wipes, so that if baby poops, you can easily change and baby’s skin is safe.
  • Make baby wear lose pajamas in case cold. But if it’s not cold then cotton nappies are good to go with. Rash heals faster when exposed to air.

Chose a good quality diaper always and nappies should also be of a soft material, as baby’s skin is delicate. Invest in a good diaper and take care properly and you will face rash problem rarely.




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