Setting A Night Routine

My baby is 8 months old and since it’s been 8 months we are having a night routine. So now you know I had planned to have a routine while I was pregnant.

Having a set routine is important because this way you will have a discipline for yourself too. Irregular routines are the worst when it comes to children. And the best part is that babies are the fastest when it comes to adapting to a routine. After you have a child, your routine revolves around their routine. So when you are setting theirs, you know you are saving yourself a little time for yourself too.

The routine I have set for my baby involves a lot of our bonding time too. First I make sure that his tummy is full because a hungry baby is difficult to handle. After his dinner (tummy full breastfeeding for babies below 7 months), we play a little bit or I take him out for a walk in the balcony. Then I massage him with oil and change him into his night suit. Yes, you read it right! It is important that the baby has separate clothes for the night. This way they know that now will be put down to sleep. The clothes should be comfortable and one size up is good to go as babies tend to move and roll on the bed in sleep, so one size up keeps them covered properly. After that, we show him a picture book or sometimes sing him a prayer or verse. And finally, put him down for sleep.

Now he is used to this drill and his inner clock ticks at his dinner time and he is sleepy within an hour.


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jaseena Ghouse basha

This is so well written.


I wish I knew this before

Sunil Joshi

My baby is just 1 month sugest me hw do i make his sleeping routine


my baby also every night 7 - morning 7:30. she has 5 months 13 days

Sathya Kalaiselven

Nice! Wanna try the night suit 😊

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