Fathers Who Exercise Get Healthier Children: What Are You Waiting For, Dads?

Fathers Who Exercise Get Healthier Children: What Are You Waiting For, Dads?

Planning to have a baby? Send your husband to the gym! A study conducted by Kristen Stanford, a physiology and cell biology researcher with The Ohio State University College of Medicine at the Wexner Medical Center, found that if a father exercised, he sired healthier children, and this advantage extended well into their adulthood.


Stanford and her team of researchers used mice to conduct a series of experiments. They fed few male mice a normal diet and others a high-fat diet for three weeks. Some mice from each group were sedentary and some exercised. After three weeks, the mice bred and their offspring ate a normal diet under sedentary conditions for a year.

The researchers observed that adult offspring from the mice who had exercised regularly had improved glucose metabolism, decreased body weight and a decreased fat mass. The mice who ate a high-fat diet had it worse. They showed a higher glucose intolerance, but the ones who exercised, seemed to not have a problem with glucose tolerance.

How did this translate to humans? According to Stanford, obesity in adult males impaired testosterone levels, sperm count and motility. It even was responsible for the number of live births. The study says that if a couple is trying for a baby, exercising even for a month before conception can alter cellular structure and produce healthier babies.

So both dads and mums need to exercise before conception for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Eating healthy food and having a relatively stress-free life also contributes to it.

Next time, use that gym membership. Your baby will thank you for it.



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