Are We Sharenting Instead of Parenting? Why This Could Be Dangerous For Our Kids

Are We Sharenting Instead of Parenting? Why This Could Be Dangerous For Our Kids

32-year-old Mumbai mom Teena Biswas has a habit she can’t seem to get rid of. She shares everything her three-year-old daughter does on social media, and does it everyday.

“I love sharing my daughter Shriya’s pictures on Facebook. It makes me happy when the pictures get likes and comments. I might stop in few years but as of now, I love documenting my parenting journey this way,” she shares.


Teena is one of the many new age moms who loves ‘sharenting’, a term used for parents who put practically every aspect of their parenting on social media. These parents document every waking moment of their child and feel proud about shouting off the rooftops even when it comes to mundane things their little ones do. Some parents don’t even realise how dangerous this behaviour can get.


Now, don’t get us wrong. We know most of us puff out with pride when we see our kids accomplish even the simplest of tasks as they grow. So, we naturally feel like telling the world.

But when sharenting gets too much, it poses a real problem both, to us and our kids, in ways we might not even realise. Here’s why we must avoid sharenting:


  • Over posting kids’ pictures on the internet makes them vulnerable to identity thefts and kidnappers or pedophiles.
  • The child might grow up with a screen addiction as after all, his parent is glued to one.
  • Distinguishing between real life and on screen life might be tough for the child
  • After s/he grows up, the child might not like this ‘invasion of privacy.’
  • The parent and later on the child might feel their self-esteem depends on ‘likes’ and comments.
  • Some people do not like to be flooded with other kids’ every move on their timeline.


As responsible parents, we need to restrict ourselves from overboard sharing of our children’s pictures and activities. It’s only when we enjoy with them in the present is when we will create memories for both us and them, for a lifetime.


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from bbc



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