How To Get Through Sleepless Nights

How To Get Through Sleepless Nights

You know you are a mother when sleeping becomes your hobby, favorite past time, me time or sometimes even a dream come true. I read a quote somewhere, “whoever said sleep like a baby, definitely was never around a baby”. Funny, but true.

The sleep graph has taken huge turns and twists in my case too. My baby has been a light sleeper from day one. There were times when he slept for only 3 hours at a stretch in 24 hours and had 3-4 naps that lasted only 20-30 minutes. Sometimes he was awake the whole night and would sleep till late noon. He also had a fourth month night regression which lasted for a month and a half. And now as he is in his ninth month, he is going through developmental milestones and again a night regression. After all this, I am convinced that we will always have a surprise waiting for us in the coming months.

What has helped us through all these sleepless nights is ‘a lot of patience’. It’s important to understand that baby is having a difficult time more than you are having. You are able to understand your tiredness and communicate it. But the baby is still in his wonderland.

Have patience. Of all the research I did while going through sleepless nights, there were suggestions like, close drapes, avoid sounds like TV, radio, etc, don’t play or talk with the baby so that baby differentiates between day and night. Honestly! These things did not work out for me. So I decided to use this time as our bonding time. We spent the most beautiful nights with him as there was no ‘to-do-list’ to be completed.

Night routine has helped us throughout. And it’s really helpful if bedtime is  set early. Just remember to  be calm and patient because just like all difficult times you have got through until now, you will get through these sleepless nights too.


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