Meet The Mom Who Loves Doodling: Kavita Agarwal Jain

Meet The Mom Who Loves Doodling: Kavita Agarwal Jain

Many of us enjoy doodling, but there are few who get up and share this passion & talent with the world. Kavita did it and in return many around the world love her work. Founder of NEEDLE DOODLE and mom to cute twins, Kavita’s focus and experiential business tips are very inspiring. Here she shares her journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship and we heart it! Read on..


1. My Mom Quotient:


I'd describe myself as a learning mom who believes in being organised & strict at times when required.  I have 5 yrs. old twins (a boy and a girl) I have to be smart enough to tackle two different sets of mind at the same time and mould them accordingly. A big challenge but I enjoy them and touch wood my life revolves around them. My kids gave me a chance to relive my childhood. My parenting style is what I inherited from my parents. They were strict but at the same time never restricted us from doing anything. Being self-organized, disciplined and punctual are the habits I gained from them and I try to follow the same.



2. My Mom Inc. Story:

Honestly speaking I was quite ambitious and never imagine my life indoor looking after kids. But after kids, I wanted to enjoy every bit of my new life. The fun and the attachment never allowed me to focus on my career. Soon, both my motherhood and passion found a way. My love for designing, sewing, working with embellishments and an urge to start of something of my own found a way to keep my dancing needle alive and I started 'NEEDLE DOODLE' from home and technology has been a massive facilitator to manage work and life.  



Business always fascinated me and today when I look back I feel happy and proud that sitting at home I can do wonders and reach out to the world. I have customers across India and abroad. In the last couple of years my work has reached more than 28 countries. It got featured in many leading newspapers of Delhi, Bangalore; boost from many bloggers and sites gained me a lot of confidence. My work Needle Doodle also got featured in an online magazine called 'Urban Times' based in UK. My little creative gesture for John Lewis in London had put me along with my colleagues on the cover page of their magazine.



Last but not the least, my biggest achievement I believe is when I received a mail from such a big banner 'DREAM WORK ANIMATIONS' who chose one of my video on animals for promotion of 'Puss in Boots' directed by Chris Miller (who directed Shrek the Third in 2007) and I was invited to see the movie before it hits theaters in San Francisco.


3. Who Inspired/ Supported Me:

My parents always supported me by saying “You have to walk an extra mile to gain something.....manage'. My sister and brother in law convinced my parents and brought me to Bangalore to enhance my creativity and my entry happened in NIFT. After marriage I have so much to be grateful for my husband who never said 'No' to anything I wanted to do and became the pillar of strength. My kids 'Stuti & Darsh' have been my inspiration, they help me and motivate me in every possible way they can. They give me ideas which turned out to be great many times and they also do modelling for my products. They are my business partners. The biggest satisfaction is that I don't have to neglect my little darlings for my work. We work together. When I work, my kids gets involved with fabrics and trims and they create something new which always helps me to touch the hearts of other kids. And a new range for kids is ready. 


4. Advice/Tips:

Manage your time well, make a 'things to do' list every night for the next day, which acts as a guide to take you to the day's goal.'There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs'-  For new start up make small business goals  which are  easy to achieve and the success will help to gain confidence to take bigger risk. Understand market and communication is the most important to reach to your target customer. Personally, if you find the door up all the windows ......nothing can stop you....just by walking an extra will find yourself where you want to be. 


5. I love Baby Chakra because Chakra means 'wheel of life' and 'Baby chakra' drives us, connect us, keep us motivated, is a solution to quest and balances the confidence in us!

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