The Top 5 Misconceptions About Exercise

The Top 5 Misconceptions About Exercise

Being fit has become a fad in our society nowadays. Every morning, I see a flock of people across various age groups walking or jogging or hitting the gym in my complex. It’s no doubt a very good lifestyle change.

Gyms have become the in thing with an array of workouts. We have the flexibility to choose whatever appeals to us. Having said that, there are a lot of misconceptions also related to exercise. Today I’m going to bust a few myths for you.

Myth #1

Strength training will make you bulky.

Fact - It is an almost impossible feat for women to gain bulk due to strength training or any form of training as we do not have as much testosterone as our male counterparts. In fact, strength training helps you develop a lean and toned body as it directly focuses on your muscles. Have you seen Bipasha Basu’s arms? It’s all the wonders of strength training.

Myth #2

Doing lots of cardio is the best way to lose weight

Fact - I have often seen many men and women endlessly running on the treadmill. When I asked one of them, he promptly replied “I’m surely going to lose. See the number of kms I have covered. Look at my t-shirt! It’s soaked in sweat.” I felt really sad to burst his bubble but, I had no choice. Only a combination of cardio and a good strength training plan will give you the desired results. Not to forget, a proper well-balanced diet as well.

Myth #3

Do crunches all the time if you want six packs.

Fact - the most hyped myth. Crunches probably aren't going to hurt your core strength, but they're not the most effective exercise you can do to strengthen your midsection. You need a combination of different kinds of exercises to get those abs right in place. Just imagine if only crunches did the trick then we would have a world full Hrithik Roshans. Isn’t it?

Myth #4

You cannot lose weight with yoga

Fact - All of you who swear by this are cordially invited to my Iyengar yoga class at 7 am tomorrow. Be ready to pop your eyeballs! People who write off yoga probably have an image of it as a series of gentle stretches-they clearly haven't taken a tough yoga class. The efforts that you take here are equal to your  efforts in picking those gigantic dumbbells.

Myth #5

I don’t need to lose weight, so I don’t need to exercise.

Fact - The whole point of working out is to simply remove that nasty flab, right? Sure, you should demand that from your workout, but that’s not the only reason you should exercise. Let’s not confuse working out to get fit with working out to lose weight. Working out to become fit means that you’re strengthening the systems of your entire body for every day, peak performance. It’s a lot like servicing your car. Apart from weight loss, exercise comes in with a lot of other health benefits.

So, please get in touch with a good trainer and save yourself from these I’ll advise about gumming and working out. Lastly, have a fabulous workout. Stay fit!


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