How To Give Your Baby’s Skin Some Tender Loving Care

How To Give Your Baby’s Skin Some Tender Loving Care

A baby is an ocean of love. They bring more love and happiness into our lives than all the stars in the sky. But our little bundles of joy also need the utmost tender loving care especially in the first year of their life (and no less thereafter). In fact, a baby’s skin is 10x more fragile and sensitive than an adult’s. Let me take you through what I have learned about baby skincare products in my journey to find the best for my baby and I hope that it helps you too.


The Power of Touch

There were times when my little terrorist got overtired but would refuse to sleep. At such times, a gentle massage unfailingly calmed her down and brought her back to the serene, “feel-good” zone where we could once again bond.

Why Clinically Tested Isn’t Always The Best

While most brands claim that they are clinically tested, they don’t always meet the high standards that loving mothers, like you and I, expect for their child. ‘Clinically Tested’ simply means an ingredient, or product, was tested in a clinical environment. It says nothing about the results. Whereas in CPM (Clinically Proven Mild) products the word “proven” means that in the clinical trial, the results reported were actual, significant, and able to pass the stringent regulations of various bodies.

Which Product Should You Opt For?

Every mother wants to provide the best care possible to her baby. Products like Johnson’s Baby Top-To-Toe fit the bill perfectly as it is as mild as pure water. It has been subjected to 8,000+ clinical tests globally to ensure our baby’s sensitive skin stays healthy and rash-free. Johnson’s Baby Top-To-Toe is a good choice for babies as it meets 15 stringent regulatory standards and adheres to global standards of developed nations including US & EU. Tested with 5.5 lakh people globally, Johnson’s Baby Top To Toe is considered the Hospital's Choice for Baby's 1st Bath.

So what are you waiting for mommies? Preserve the innocence and moisture of your baby’s skin by giving her the best care possible.



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