5 Common Baby Care Myths Busted

5 Common Baby Care Myths Busted

MYTH 1 - Lotions is only needed for baby with dry skin

Baby’s skin is extra sensitive and fragile. An assumption like “lotions for baby with dry skin” is very common these days. It’s very important to moisturize their skin to keep them hydrated especially after bath irrespective of the skin type. Johnson baby lotion moisturizes skin up to 24 hours and it is clinically proved for mildness.


MYTH 2 - All products that are clinically tested are baby safe

We trust products based on what we see or read on the packaging. All products which state that they are clinically tested may not be safe. Make sure you are aware of all the ingredients than just going by the clinically tested label. Johnson’s baby lotion is tested by 5.5 lakh people, has passed 8000 clinical assessment globally and meets or exceeds 15 Global Regulatory Standards


MYTH 3 - Anything natural is safe for baby’s skin

Like we all know there is no regulatory definition of “natural”. According to the ISO, “natural origin” refers to ingredients that are more than 50% from natural sources, such as plants or minerals. Having said that, we can never apply anything natural directly on the baby’s skin in their natural form as they might contain impurities and discolorations. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


MYTH 4 - Using baby wipes on baby’s bottom can cause rashes


Johnson baby wipes comprise of 3x lotion which moisturizes baby skin while you clean up which is an add-on.


MYTH 5 - Fragrances in baby care products are unsafe

While the exact contents of a fragrance oil are considered proprietary, you should know that the fragrances Johnson baby make are created by combining only ingredients approved by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA),* the world’s leading authority on the safe use of fragrances. To arrive at their fragrance policy, they do follow all IFRA allergy and irritation restrictions as well as those of regulatory safety authorities around the world.

Do let me know about other baby care myths you have heard of!



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