Is South City Mall In Kolkata Not Mom Friendly? BabyChakra Mom's Experience

For Abhilasha Arup Das Adhikari, it was just a regular shopping day at the mall when she went to South City, Kolkata with her newborn. Little did she know that the mall authorities would be extremely insensitive when it came to her breastfeeding her baby. First, there was no special zone for moms who are nursing their little ones and to add insult to injury, DasAdhikari was told to head to the toilet if she wanted to breastfeed. This is shameful and degrading as breastfeeding is a newborn's basic physiological need & the mall by denying a mom her basic responsibility and right to feed her child, effectively denied a newborn baby his/her right to food!


The South City Mall made things worse when Abhilasha wrote about her horrendous experience on Facebook. Instead of apologizing, they stated that she should have fed her kid at home as it is just another chore. Check out their full comment below.



A lot of moms have come out in support of Abhilasha and two of them our our very own Momstars. Satrupa B Kaur, in particular, tweeted to BabyChakra about this, which helped spread the word.


Rebecca Prakash, too, has put up a post on this issue and is encouraging fellow moms to help in #normalisingbreastfeeding.



BabyChakra has always stood for Breast Feeding & initiated #Breasfeedfriendly - a campaign to get corporate offices, public places, shopping malls etc to pledge to be breastfeeding friendly places. It is essential that we as a nation support moms who wish to breastfeed their child, ensure the child’s nutrition & health. This year, BabyChakra started the #BreastfeedingIndia Photostories initiative while in 2017, we held a Breast is Best event.


In most countries, breastfeeding in public is legal and widespread. In fact, in New Zealand, moms are encouraged to breastfeed their baby, and the ones who use feeding bottles are at times made to feel a bit uncomfortable. When it comes to the Philippines, employers have to give breaks to lactating employees to breastfeed. Hopefully, someday, moms in India too won't be shamed when they want to breastfeed their baby at a public space.



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Comments (17)

Shameful... I'm sure the authorities writing this do not have children, else they would have understood that breastfeeding is not a household chore and can be needed to be done anywhere.. Babies do not come with alarm clock or timetable. They may demand feeds anytime anywhere.

The person who wrote such an atrocious reply should be reprimanded. I condemn this act. Do they eat at toilets..... How dare they ask a baby to be fed in the bathroom.

How irresponsible the authorities are. I m feeling angry. Breastfeeding is not home chores. These people need to understand that babies are fed on demand...

Please encourage breastfeeding mothers, I see lot of comments " bm is not enough start formula, bm is not everyone's cup of coffee etc" never discourage anyone.

Agree with u Rebecca Prakash ...

This is so insensitive and inhumane..

Rebecca Prakash
Yes buddy I encourage and support breastfeeding... I reply moms who says offer formula , not to say that personally to any of the moms. I honestly reply on chat to them to encourage them to help them breastfeed positively

So saddened to read this. The reply must have been written by a moron who has never been around a baby.

This is so shameful on such authorities

It's really disgusting. Shame to them. They should ask their parents how they fed and where!

This is unbelievable that one can do such things n m totally agree with revathi g, I don't now how n when will people change his/ her mindset.. N jo aisa likhte n bolte h unhone bhi breastfeed kiya hoga.. No words m totally with u guys..

Abhilasha Paul we all are against it!!!

What the hell!
Have never thought that South City mall authorities are so irresponsible in this fact. They are in human, I belong to Kolkata and I am really ashamed of this act.
We should all support breastfeeding . Shame on #Southcitymall #Kolkata
Abhilasha Paul we all are with you.

Shameless world.... how people can be so insensitive. How They can forget that once they were too infant and were fully depends on breastfeeding.

So shameful Kolkata South City Mall. This is absolutely not an acceptable way of answering any answer. The person who has written this awful response should be reprimanded. And should be apologised for his/her deeds.

I myself live in kolkata and I m truly ashamed of this act...This man seems to have no ethics... How can breastfeeding be a household chore...
And feeding in bathroom? Really? Do you eat in bathroom man? Disgusting and ridiculous

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