Lactation Smoothie

A breastfeeding mom has to have a good diet that is healthy for her and baby and also is helpful for her breastfeeding journey. To boost the supply of milk, lactation smoothie is one of the tasty and quick recipes. It even keeps you full for long and is very nutritious. Apart from it, the 500 extra calories you need during breastfeeding, it covers up most of it.


All you need is:


  • ​banana ( 2 small)
  • ​oats (1 cup)
  • ​chia seeds (spoonful)
  • ​peanut butter (spoonful)
  • ​flex seeds (spoonful)
  • ​honey (as per taste)
  • ​milk (2 cups)


Apart from these, you can add as many seasonal fruits you want.  A  little experiment with fruits is good. Berries, apple, mango or chickoo anything goes well with it.


Just take all ingredients and blend them in a blender. And you are good to go. There is no fixed time to have it. You can have it anytime you want. It is yum and boosts milk supply.


Also, almond milk is very nutritious and you can either drink almond milk or replace normal milk by almond milk.


You can prepare almond milk at home also by following simple steps. Take a handful of Almonds and soak them overnight, in morning peel them and blend them properly for about 15 minutes.  You may use a little milk to help in blending. A nutritious, ready to drink almond milk is ready.




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Well, I think all the instructions that you have shared with us are amazing and good for the baby's health therefore I have copied and sent to my wife with the help of site so that she could read and apply these things in her life for the well-being of the baby.

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