Give Your Baby's Skin The Love It Needs This Winter

Give Your Baby's Skin The Love It Needs This Winter

Winter is here, and we're staying warm in this cold weather with our woolens and blankets. But something extremely close to us needs that extra care during the winter — our skin.


The dry air during this season robs the moisture from the skin, leaving it itchy and parched. And, babies need extra care as their skin is more delicate than ours. So, what is the best way to keep their skin ‘baby soft’ throughout the winter?


Most of us would say, “moisturize”, but little ones need a moisturizer that has the perfect blend of ingredients and is gentle, yet effective. Himalaya Baby Cream is all of this and more.


Himalaya Baby Cream protects, nourishes, and hydrates the skin, so you can be assured that your baby’s skin remains supple. It has Olive Oil, Country Mallow, and Licorice, three ingredients known for their protective action on the skin.


  • This cream is ideal to use on your baby’s knees and elbows, so your little crawler does not end up with hard, scaly skin on those areas
  • It is also effective against the harsh cold that irritates the face in the winter and shields it against windburn, so your little one does not end up with redness or rashes
  • Moreover, the cream is a hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, so it’s especially formulated for baby’s delicate skin


The key ingredients of the cream work in many ways to nourish the skin.


Olive Oil

  • Olive Oil is rich in Vitamin E, so it nourishes the skin and locks in the moisture, thereby keeping it supple and soft
  • It also prevents chafing and scaling of the skin
  • Olive Oil also soothes the skin



  • Licorice root works like magic on inflammation and is used to treat eczema when mixed with other herbs
  • The soothing action of this ingredient calms the skin
  • It also protects the skin against the harsh winter wind


Country Mallow

  • Bala, or Country Mallow, is native to India and has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for ages
  • It has nourishing and strengthening properties that protect the skin
  • Bala also has antioxidant and skin-conditioning properties



Your baby’s delicate skin needs warmth and love to seal in the softness. What better way to give it what it needs than to use Himalaya Baby Cream? So, apply that layer of love on your baby this winter for that warmth and happiness!


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