Tips For Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Tips For Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Follow these tips before calling it a night, and I guarantee you will get sound sleep.


  • Massage your baby's legs nicely if not the complete body to get rid of all tiredness.
  • Put on a relaxing outfit so that breathing and comfort aren't compromised. For us, comfy pajamas and tees are just perfect for a good night sleep.
  • Kick the Mosquitos and insects out of your house and bedroom especially for undisturbed sleep. Use the Mosquito patches or repellents cream. We prefer and love Insect repellents and patches.
  • A relaxing lukewarm water bath works wonders.
  • Check the temperature of your bedroom before sleeping 27°C to 28°C is just right for sleep but do adjust based on your baby's needs.
  • No one can sleep on an empty stomach but eat right and do not eat till the brim to avoid bloating and gas in the night. Eat at least 2 hours before sleep time.
  • Be active during the day times. A tiring body is prone to fall asleep faster than a lazy bum  and keeps your heart healthy too
  • Say no to gadgets (screen time basically) at least 1 hour prior to sleep.


Think good and positive before you sleep.  Be grateful for today and hopeful for tomorrow.


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