What My Nursing Journey Taught Me

What My Nursing Journey Taught Me

After giving birth to a baby, nursing is the next journey a mother embarks upon. Mother is the main source of nutrition for the baby. But then, a new mother has her doubts and as she is new to the whole process, she is flooded with advice and judgments. Most people ask questions like, “Are you producing milk?”, “Hey your baby is crying, you are not producing enough to fill him.”, “You should give him cow’s milk”, “introduce feeding bottle so that baby can have sound sleep”, “you should give formula milk to baby for proper growth.”
The list is endless. I have gone through all these.


A new mother gets worried easily and starts doubting herself and her milk supply. Every mother wants best for her baby. Everyone’s body is different just as every motherhood journey is different. Some women produce milk in few hours of birthing, some take time like a day or two or maybe a week. I even know a mom who started lactating when her baby was 2 months old.


Like I said everybody works differently, mine was the case where my body did not produce milk or colostrums for three days. As a result, I had to introduce top feed to baby. Gradually with time and continuous efforts, there was milk supply, but it was low and I had to opt for combination feeding. I alternated between breastfeeding and formula feeding.
It’s on a mother what mode she decides for her baby because she wants nothing but best for her baby.


Undoubtedly a mother’s first choice is breast milk. It is a supply on demand process. But sometimes, no matter how hard a mom tries to increase her supply or ignore her other responsibilities, she has to go the hard way and chose the alternatives. All that matters is that the baby is not hungry or dehydrated.


A mother would never keep her baby deprived of benefits of breast milk. I am not promoting formula milk at all. All I am trying to is that at the end of the day the baby needs to be fed properly so that he grows at a good pace. Whatever mode of feeding a mother chooses is apt for her baby.


Instead of feeling guilty on your choices, be accepting of your decision. Once you accept it, you will no longer be bothered about what people say. After all, you are the mom, and moms are the best. Be happy and you can see the reflection of your happiness on your baby’s face.



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