Here's Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Meditate

Here's Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Meditate

Pregnancy is a time when all soon to be mothers suffer more or less from the same problems. Our health is already giving our bodies a toss and to worsen the conditions, our hormones are playing with our mental peace, our patience and most importantly our tolerance. The small things which handle bothered us, are now the reason for our major concerns and our minds keep hovering over and over the same pity things. Things like what to cook for dinner or why hasn't someone appreciated our cooking, or why is that person not listening to me, and many such small details draw our attention from the  fact that during pregnancy, our only focus should be on our happiness, well being and most importantly our mental peace.


I married the love of my life and moved from a 2 tier city to a very small town and embraced all the changes, though it was difficult but what helped me was the small bakery business that kept me busy. During pregnancy, I was on cloud nine and preparing myself for the arrival of my little bundle of joy but due to morning sickness, my bakery business had to stall and I started getting frustrated and depressed even though my husband and family were taking great care of me. My health started deteriorating. Seeing this I was sent to my mother's place so I could be happier and calmer and taken good care of as she is a doctor.


Though the change of place made a huge difference but just for a few days. The sitting idle and being able to nothing made me miss my husband and I was unhappy again. It was then I decided this has to stop and I should focus on being happy and sane. I searched a lot on the Internet, joined prenatal classes and everyone stressed on meditation during pregnancy.

Though there are many meditations available online for pregnant women, we should try a test all and see which suits us and calms us the best. I went for hypnobirthing meditations. The effect was not instant but took 4 to 5 days for me. I started becoming more positive and focused on the fact that I have to give a healthy and positive birth. Instead of just staying home I started shopping and preparing for my baby's arrival.


There were many people including family members giving me some useful some unnecessary advise always, which initially disturbed me but after meditations, I started filtering the suggestions and taking them with a pinch of salt. The amount of energy and positivity meditation brought to my pregnancy cannot be explained, it can only be felt. It helped me focus on exercises and yoga and eating healthy and scrumptious for my baby and me. I dealt with all the anxiety and labor pains ultimately.


Though I had a C-Section as my cervix didn't open after 3 days of labor, I recovered very quickly and never had Postpartum depression. I had very less sleep and weakness and body pain but it all vanished soon and I was always sane and stable. The effect of meditation is clearly visible on my baby too. I have a beautiful baby girl, who is never cranky from the day she was born. She is always active and happy unless she is hungry or sleepy. Highly interactive and doesn't show any tantrums, nor has she cried for long hours without any reason. I can surely give all the credit to the long meditations I did during my pregnancy. So my conclusion is that from my personal experience I highly recommend meditation to all the too be  moms. Have a great, happy and healthy pregnancy.


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