It's Unbelievably Easy To Design A Chalkboard. This Is How You Can Do It

It's Unbelievably Easy To Design A Chalkboard. This Is How You Can Do It

It all started when I was looking to buy a birthday/milestone chalkboard for my girl from quite a long time. After browsing plenty of sites, I canceled my plan to buy a chalkboard online since most of them looked overpriced to me.


As the year-end vacations already approached last week, I  decided to design a birthday chalkboard for my girl on my own.

Here is how I started and you can too :)


1. Start browsing some sample chalkboards over  Google/Pinterest so that you get a fair idea of the look, feel and the kind of content on the chalkboard.

2. Download various fonts and symbols to play around (you can go as creative as you wish) and decorate your chalkboard.

3. Download a black background from Google which will serve as a base of your chalkboard.

4. Open a word document, paste the downloaded black background over it and select the size of your chalkboard (A3, A4, etc.) before you start putting the information over it.

5. That's if you are a set to Start designing your chalkboard.

6. Get the design printed and framed

Hope it helps :) Happy designing.



Disclaimer: The photograph in this article is original and belong to the author. Reproducing it in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.


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