Don't Judge Me On The Way I Feed My Baby. Just Don't

To keep it in the flow Kanupriya Jain, here I go:


I couldn’t lactate that much to suffice Ina’s hunger she was 7 pounds at birth I had to start with formula. The nurses at the hospital were all so bad (all kind of bad ) to me. They would come to look at me and say “Madam normal delivery hai please get up and feed your child”.


Each time I use to get up, take her, make her suck and she used to get nothing, she yelled so loudly that her voice from the third-floor reached the parking. I told them on the third day that she’s my daughter and I’ll feed her whatever keeps her tummy full and is available at that point.


Oldies coming to visit use to frown at the feeder bottles when I use to breastfeed her asking “ why a bottle when you can feed on your own” I use to say I use it for traveling.


I know what I have done is all for her good and well being. I use to give her both simultaneously. I was never ashamed I will never be.


She’s mine, even before you’ll could see, hear or touch her. She’ll always be. I know her better. Let us be.



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U r right ,plp often judge the way we feed our babies ,we know the best for our baby.

Same thing is happening with me...

Thanks asma and sindhury

I just saw this became an article

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