You Simply Cannot Pick A School For Your Kid Without Reading This Post

You Simply Cannot Pick A School For Your Kid Without Reading This Post

My daughter started talking early and doing things early. That has forced me to think about school. When my baby turned two, my hunt for the right school began. School is the second home and teachers are just like mothers in the budding years of school. So a right school matters a lot. Here are a few  tips for moms who are looking for a school.

People will start thinking about schools for 2 main reasons


1. Working women need to join her work back and at home, there’s no one to take care of the kid.

In such a situation, a good school with Daycare is a better option than hiring a nanny at home.; Most playschools/Montessori have daycare nowadays. Right from the age of 10 months, they will take in a kid. (Usually when the baby is able to sit on his/her own).


2. They want the kid to start school as parents think its the right time to send.

Once the kid turns 1 year 10 months old, you can opt for a playgroup. Playgroup is before nursery and is not mandatory for kids. If a kid is shy and has some anxiety issues a playgroup is perfect. There it won't be too much of serious teaching. They mostly learn to share and play and be away from their parents and home. (I didn’t let my girl join a playgroup as I was taking care of her and she played with kids almost every day.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when picking a school for your kid:


  • Whatever age you choose to put your kid in school, make sure that s/he is ready for it. Before hardly keep telling the kid, that school is fun. They can make good friends. They can play and learn. Show some of your old school snaps to create interest in them.
  • Always join Montessori or playschool than the main school. These Montessori even though have a small setup, its perfect for toddlers. Kids-teacher ratio will be less. The environment will be homely. They are not too strict. Even if the kid is late or absent...they don't be strict. Personal attention will be more. Anyhow after 6yrs..kid should study in the main school. Let kids too have fun at their tender age.
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors about the schools their kids are in. Ask them why they chose the present school over the rest.
  • Google schools ' near me' and also can search in Just Dial. Make a list of schools which you are considering for your kid.
  • Try to find out the listed school in Facebook. Most of the school will have a page or group. You can see various activities, snaps, reviews there.
  • Visit the listed school personally. Most of the Playschool or Montessori are ready to interact at any time. Make the first visit on weekday unnoticed without an appointment, when kids are there, saying that... you just saw the school board outside and wanted to check. So that you can gauge the environment. Whether kids are happy or not. Can discuss fee, timing, their method of teaching...etc. And if you feel good. Further, fix one more appointment to check classrooms and other things. (Most schools won't allow you during school hours to check classrooms. )
  • Check how long they are into school business. Prior experience with kids is a must I feel. If the owner of the Montessori will be there all the time..that school is preferred than any other coordinator or someone else running. Simple reason.. people who own the school takes utmost care regarding safety and quality of teaching. If some other employe is taking care of the setup.


They may or may not be too much concerned.


  • Do the school building have proper light and ventilation.
  • Check the classrooms. Check with teachers. Check bathrooms, kitchen, and play area. Check with Helpers.
  • Check the staircase, switches and other things for childproofing.
  • Check if they will take special need kids. If they have shadow teacher for that kid.
  • Talk with the teachers and see how patiently they can talk to you and how clear they are about the teaching. Main thing.... check the teacher's; accent and pronunciations, coz... that's from whom your kid is learning and will try to copy.
  • Check if the helpers are clean and their nails are trimmed.; Hygienic conditions are the top priority.
    While deciding school consider the distance, approach; as how many route to reach the school, nearby public transport is available, is it an abundant dead end road, nearby any emergency clinic or hospital.
  • I always suggest, either drop or pickup of the kid should be done by parents or family members. In that way.. you can keep in contact with the school. You get to know other parents, baby's classmates. Or else.. after admission or some other function...interaction with the school will be through the diary.



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