Signature Dishes From Each Indian State That You Should Try Out

Signature Dishes From Each Indian State That You Should Try Out

Restaurants across the country now serve a variety of international cuisines, so you can get to try different types of food in India itself. In the bigger cities, you can eat sushi, burritos, gnocchi, and a whole lot more at multiple places. In fact, families don't always opt for traditional Indian food while eating out and prefer exploring Mexican, Italian, and Thai,  and other cuisines. While you should try out new food items, there are definitely a lot of dishes that you may not have even heard of yet. Yes, we have 29 states and each one of them has their signature dish. Not sure what they are?. Read on to find out.


Bhutte ka kees (Madhya Pradesh)

From the land of chaat, comes this lip-smacking dish made of grated sweetcorn.  Almost each and every roadside cart in the state sells this dish.


Sattu Drink (Bihar)

Sattu is regarded as a superfood as the flour is a mix of pulses and cereals. A drink made out of it is often considered as breakfast on the go.


Momos (Arunachal Pradesh)

Momos are on the menu of most Chinese restaurants. They are dumpling that are stuffefd with chicken, vegetables or pork. Nowdays you get variations are tandoori momos.


Vada Pav (Maharashtra)

Touted to be the Indian version of a burger, this dish contains a deep-fried potato patty, onions, and chutney.


Kanchipuram Idli (Tamil Nadu)

This one is made of rava instead of rice, so it is much healthier than regualr idlis. Kanchipuram idlis also have a stuffing of veggies which make it a wholesome meal.


Doi Maach (West Bengal)

It's a known fact that Bengalis love to eat fish and this yogurt-based curry is to die for.


Madra (Himachal Pradesh)

Made with chickpeas, coconut, and raisins, Madra is a pahadi dish that is best enjoyed in winters.


Masor Tenga (Assam)
If you love sour food, this one is a delight. Have this fish curry with rice and, your day will be made.


Pulihora (Andhra Pradesh)

Pulihora basically means tamarind rice and almost every home will have their own version of it.


Aamat (Chhattisgarh)

This tangy soup is made with bamboo shoots and is usually served with rice. Aamat is pretty tedious to prepare.


Bebinca (Goa)

Goa may be known for its extensive seafood fare, Bebinca is the state’s signature dish. It’s a pudding made of 16 layers and is served with a scoop of ice cream.


Khandvi (Gujarat)

Gram flour, sesame, mustard seeds, yogurt, and green chilies are the ingredients that make this perfect snack.


Biryani (Telanga)

Hyderabadi biryani is known to be spicy but absolutely divine in taste. What’s the secret behind this, you ask?. It’s the dum method of cooking.


Khichdi (Haryana)

The people of Haryana consume a lot of dal and khichdi is one of their favorite dishes. Their version of khichdi is generally made of bajra.


Kalari Cheese (Jammu & Kashmir)

Kalari is a ripened cheese that is stir-fried in its own fat and served. You get this cheese all over the state.


Rugra (Jharkhand)

Filled with protein and minerals, this vegetable tastes similar to mushrooms. You can have it with either rice or poori.


Neer Dosa (Karnataka)

Have this rice dosa with chutney, sambhar, stew or a chicken curry - it goes well with almost anything.


Puttu (Kerala)

A cylindrical steamed rice cake, Puttu, is topped with grated coconut. It goes best with kadala curry.


Kangshoi (Manipur)

This vegetable stew is served with rice or fish but is delicious even by itself. Kangshoi is perfect when the temperature dips.


Jadoh (Meghalaya)

The people of this state have their very own take on biryani. Jadoh is made with red rice and pork.

Vawksa Rep (Mizoram)

Mizoram’s cuisine is filled with non-vegetarian dishes and this smoked pork preparation os a must-try.


Akini Chokibo (Nagaland)

Snail meat is considered a delicacy in Nagaland. This dish also contains pork lard, soybean, and perilla.


Ras Malai (Odisha)

This dessert may be available at most places but is most common in Odisha. Soft piees of malai dunked in falovered milk - it couldn’t get better, right?


Paratha (Punjab)

Every home in Punjab will have their own version of this famous dish. A paratha is made of whole wheat flour and can be stuffed with aloo, gobi, methi, cheese, or just about anything.


Dal Baati (Rajasthan)

Baati is a type of bread that's made in Rajasthan and it’s always had with dal. This dish is topped with churma generally.


Phagshapa (Sikkim)

Dried pork fat is stewed with veggies like turnips, radishes, and dried chillies. If you are visiting the state, make sure you have a plate of this delicacy.


Wahan Mosdeng (Tripura)

This dish is a dleight for spice lovers. Wahan Mosdeng has pieces of pork, chopped green chilli, onion, and coriander leaves.


Tunde ke kabab (Uttar Pradesh)

If you have had this in Lucknow, you will definitely not like it as much at any other place. These kababs are the melt-in-your-mouth types are the meat is compelty mashed.


Phanu (Uttarakhand)

This is a complex dish to make but is totally worth the effort. Since Phanu has a lot of lentils, it is a very high source of protein.


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