Find Out What To Wear During Each Trimester Of Pregnancy

Find Out What To Wear During Each Trimester Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is for nine months and is structured in three trimesters. Having said that, wardrobe needs to be updated at least three times. Another factor to be taken care of is seasons. In nine months you will experience winter, summers, and rains. So, the golden rule that is to be followed is, “Be Comfortable and Be Confident.”


Differentiating according to trimesters:


First trimester


The first trimester calls in for little changes.  As your body undergoes physical changes that are not visible so you can use the clothes you already have. But there are few things to be taken care of. The first trimester calls in for nausea and vomiting. So don’t wear clothes that are skinny or tight as they may elevate heartburn and indigestion. A comfortable pair of jeans or leggings is good to go.


Second trimester


In your second trimester, you may face problems like every few weeks you may be a new size or your breasts may bust out all over. So this calls in for dresses with tie backs, gathers, buttons, and wraps. Wear lose size so that clothes could be adjusted when your bump grow. This way you won’t spend a fortune on clothes every month. Switch to comfortable bras, don’t use a wired bra and opt for a nursing bra. Wear clothes that support your bump.


Third trimester


The third trimester is a to a difficult time. You need to pee again and again. Nights are the worst. So buy comfortable night suits, gowns. Opt for maxi dresses, long skirts. Don’t shy away from showing your bump. Be confident while stepping out. I know moms who don’t go out with a bump just because they don’t want to face people and stay at home all day in nightgowns. Don’t shy away. Wear clothes that support your growing belly. Be comfortable. Wear a good slipper/ footwear so that there is the least pressure on your feet.


Some other watch outs are:


  • Dress according to the season. Wear sweaters, shrugs or shawl in winters.
  • You feel hot already hue to hormones, wear pure cotton during summer to avoid rashes or allergies.
  • Avoid stepping out when raining, because there is a high risk of catching allergies.
  • Avoid synthetic material.
  • Invest in good quality bras.
  • Use drawstrings instead of elastics or zippers in pants.


Above all, be comfortable and rock your bump look.



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