This Post On "Threenagers" Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Ask me about life with threenagers and I would say it's like living with your ‘boss’! A boss who loves you as much as hates you and in either case just can't do without you. (In my case, I have two). Kids at three years are like:


They want to do everything themselves, yet they need assistance. If you offer to help, they get furious. If you don't help, they still get furious.


They want to do everything that adults do - be it using the grinder or cooking on the gas top. If you stop them, you are in trouble. If you don't stop them, you still are in trouble!


They are slow themselves, but they can't bear you being slow. And as much as you try to be patient with them, it falls short in front of their impatience.


They want to have their fav dish precisely on the day it's finished. If you don't get it, all hell breaks loose. Once you get it, they don't want it anymore.


Forget about what's and who's, they now want to know the why's and how's of everything. Followed by more why's and more how's, and more why's and more how's.


Their bedtime is not just bedtime. It's a PROCESS, that too a long complicated one.


And just as they know how to easily upset you, they also know how to melt your heart with their naughty giggles and sweet words like - “love you, Mummy and Papa”.


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