5 Tips To Manage Gas-Related Issues During Pregnancy

5 Tips To Manage Gas-Related Issues During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in our body. It also renders some of our systems weaker than usual and while a person may have good digestion otherwise when being pregnant many people face gas related issues.


Especially cause later months this trouble increases as the growing uterus puts pressure on abdominal cavity organs and cause gas. Some of the tips to manage it are:


1. First and foremost is to have your meals on time. Never skip your breakfast or meal unless you are nauseated or feeling unwell. Also, have distributed nutrition intake. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner have some small meals too. A fruit or some nuts etc. Small meals distributed during the day is the mantra. Never remain hungry as that too causes a gas-related issue.


2. Have a balanced diet including a balance of all food groups like carbs,  proteins, minerals and vitamins and even little fats. Also, have an adequate amount of water and fluids for better digestion and fiber in the diet to avoid constipation. Try to include curd and buttermilk in your diet.


3. If you are already troubled with gas then always walk after meals. Being active during the day, and even light yoga in the morning also helps. Avoid drinking water in between meals and have it half an hour before or after the meal. Also when you want to take rest try to lie on your left side. This helps digestion of food and relieves gas related pain.


4. Natural remedies like having warm ajwain and zeera water (boil ajwain and zeera in water, sieve it and add a little salt) after meals or having buttermilk with kala namak also helps in digestion. Even having lemon juice in warm water also relieves gas. Fenugreek or methi seeds also help relieve gas related issues. It can be boiled in water and taken or added to your recipes.


5. If you are having severe pain due to gas then an immediate remedy is to apply some balm around your naval area and even the area above it till just below the chest. Also, a warm compress helps.

Also small tips like avoiding outside food and fast food or food laden with too much oil, ghee, sugar or  preservatives helps. Also one must avoid overeating and cravings for too spicy or gas creating foods like cheese, garlic, and a few vegetables.


Thus, these are a few tips and tricks which can help avoid gas-related issues in Pregnancy and even deal with it if one is suffering with it. If you are facing too much gas issue and that is causing acidity or heartburn then also Consult your doctor for proper medication.


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