Your List Of Do’s And Don’t While Working During pregnancy

Your List Of Do’s And Don’t While Working During pregnancy

Working during pregnancy is a question of choice. But sometimes, due to circumstances or financial constraints, women have to work during pregnancy. It becomes even more difficult for pregnant women to manage work and take care of themselves at such a critical situation.  Working women find it hard to manage work during pregnancy, due to the changes their bodies are going through at this period. Though pregnancy is beautiful, it comes with its own set of challenges which are unavoidable.


Morning sickness, mood swings, headaches, and other pains are not scheduled with your office hours. They can happen at any time of the day. If you have chosen to work during pregnancy then you may want to know a few things beforehand. The decision you have taken to work while pregnancy is not impractical if you play by the rules of the game. Many women have chosen to continue with their professional lives while expecting and have succeeded at it.


Here are some tips to guide you to stay productive at work and also take care of your health.

What to do

Snack Often:


You will feel like you are starving most of the time throughout the day, as your body is providing for you and your baby. So do bring enough small snacks with you, which will last you all day. Bring fruits, dry fruits, meats, salads etc. and eat time to time. Nausea can also trigger at any time, hence keep yourself away from any smells that your body is currently averse to.

Stay Hydrated:


Keep your body hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water. Bring bottled water from home, which is clean and filtrated. Drink water often. You can also have fresh fruit juices, though they could be laden with calories. Cut back on sodas and caffeine, which can be detrimental to your baby at this point.

Take Breaks:


Do take frequent breaks and avoid working continuously for hours. Walk around for five or ten minutes and continue with your work with the fresh mind. Taking breaks will keep your batteries recharged for challenges all day through.

Talk and Discuss:


Pregnancy can be overwhelming with so much going on with your body and the brain. There could be 1000’s of questions running in your mind regarding pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and your career. Take guidance of your colleagues who have earlier chosen to work while pregnant. Talk your apprehensions out, and take cues on what the days are going to be like in future.

Exercise Daily:


Hectic office schedules do not allow time for fitness so you must so have some fitness activity planned for yourself. It could be as simple as taking a walk twice a day. If you like, you can indulge in yoga and light exercises, which can be done during pregnancy. A little activity will make you more energetic and refreshed at work. If time allows, join a prenatal fitness class, provided your doctor gives a go ahead. Nowadays, a lot of offices also have exercising options. Find out an enroll for them.

Never Skip The Vitamins:


Do take your medicine and supplements on time. Doctors prescribe supplements and medicine for you during pregnancy, which need to be taken on specific times and are vital for your and the baby’s health. If you find it difficult to remember, you can opt for alarms in your mobile phones. Let technology be put to some good use.

Plan Your Maternity Leave: The most important point to keep in mind. Do discuss your maternity leave to the concerned authority at office or work. Make plans about how you will utilize this period for you and your newborn’s care. If you think you will need some more time with your baby, check with the office if it has provisions for prolonged maternity leave. Your office’s HR department should be able to help you in this regard.

What not to do

Avoid Stress:


Do not stress yourself with work. No matter what, keep stress at bay and try to be organized so as to avoid unpleasant times at work. Try to have limited tasks, which you can do without stressing out much. Even at home, maintain an environment that is conducive to your health and baby’s development. It is a given that your organization will fully understand and cooperate with you during this time.

Change Your Positions:


Don’t sit for hours at one place. Jobs that require computer work need continuous sitting in front of bright screens is not good for your posture and baby’s growth. Stretch your arms, back, and legs every few minutes. Instead of using the phone, walk towards your colleagues’ desk if you have some work. Avoid sitting at one place, take small strolls around your cubical and relax.

Stay Away From Unhealthy Habits:


You must have heard this 100 times but, it’s truly something to be drilled in your mind. Don’t smoke; do not drink coffee much. Offices are equipped with coffee machines, which serve decent coffee, but as you are pregnant cut-down nicotine intake to zero and avoid coffee. Stay away from aerated drinks and liquor as well. Healthy habits are a prime now that you are pregnant.

Don’t wear heels:


Walking on heels need to have a balance of body on the feet. The last thing you want is to trip on your heels when you are expecting. So don’t even think of heels at work or at any place. Go with flats and comfortable footwear. You can still be fashionable with the right pair of flats.

Avoid Late Nights:


Pregnancy often results in sleep deprivation for most women. Add to that corporate parties that you must attend as per the protocols. If saying ‘no’ is not an option, try to be back early. Don’t drink alcohol at office parties. Steer clear from too much of crowds.

When you continue to work when expecting, you do not get to enjoy homely settings, where things can be managed at ease. Offices are not equipped with everything that you may need, so it is very important to be prepared.


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