P For Parenting. P For Planning.

P For Parenting. P For Planning.

After Kreesha was born I was so involved in taking care of her that I almost forget there is a world outside her. Life was full of blunders and then I realized, Parenting comes with Planning.

Before going to bed, I plan for the next day (which not always goes as planned) so that the day will be smoother. Few things I keep in mind before going to sleep are:


  • Keep things ready for food you want to cook or at least keep in mind. It will be  easy and fast to work in kitchen.
  • Plan for cleanliness, laundry & other household chores (plan priority wise).
  • Make a list of shopping so that once you leave for the market you can buy all the stuff without failing.
  • Birthdays, Anniversary and Event reminders (so that no one misses your birthday and anniversary)
  • Take some Me and We time for me and my husband.
  • Pen down the things immediately when you remember something or you want to do it later.

This board I’m using is from (ivalueeveryidea) and it made my life blunder  free.



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